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Yorumu gönderen: Edgar( dhanleynsp.org ), 10.06.2013, 05:34 (UTC):
If anything, I think it was motlsy the Turkish public that milked the situation. Testingagain is right that all the Turkish government really did was say in advance that Angie would be there. The public, however, went way overboard in reaction to that news. As we know, they flocked to Hatay in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Angie, and they even made a banner saying Goodness Angel, Welcome (or something like that).Also, apparently some people (I don't know if they were journalists or what) were apparently dissapointed that Angie wouldn't pose for pictures with them or give them interviews.That and the banner is what upset me the most. When Angie goes on humatarian missions, she's there to bring attention to the refugees, not to pose with fans or journalists or give interviews (she DOES speak about the situation in whatever country she's visiting, but as far as I know, that's done through the UNHCR).Or, put even more simply, when Angie goes on a humantarian mission, she is going as a person, not a celeb (if that makes any sense!).

Yorumu gönderen::21.01.2011, 02:29 (UTC)

ne demek köylüm :)) diline yüreğine sağlık

Yorumu gönderen: yusuf topal( ysftopalhotmail.com ), 07.11.2010, 11:35 (UTC):
eline sağlik köylüm

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